The quality, cost and performance of our infrastructure is essential to our quality of life
Asset management is the discipline that optimises these assets over their life
Information is the lifeblood of asset management

Having the right asset information strategy…

Optimises value from assets
Leverages digital technology
Keeps people safe



Strategy is the bridge between intent and action. An information strategy is a plan of action to achieve long-term benefits and address information related risks. An Asset Information Strategy outlines how an organisation will meet its current and future asset information requirements. Click on the button below to learn more about the Asset Information Strategy services provided by ISAM Consulting.


Governance is a system of directing and controlling. It is the responsibility of those who are accountable for the performance and conformance of the organisation. Asset information governance ensures clear accountability and effective decision making. Click on the button below to learn more about the Asset Information Governance services provided by ISAM Consulting.


Providing assurance that asset information is accurate, complete, and usable protects organisations from information related risks and is essential for delivering successful asset management strategies. Click on the button below to learn more about the Asset Information Assurance services provided by ISAM Consulting.

How we help

Asset Information Strategy
  • An organisation may currently have no overarching Asset Information Strategy and has become aware it needs one to ensure assets deliver value for customers and the community.
  • An Asset Information Strategy may already exist but have low visibility and not be effective.
  • A change in the business may be a trigger to review and revise the existing asset information strategy to deliver on new goals and expectations.
  • The organisation’s Asset Information Strategy may not be delivering on the outcomes needed by the business and as a result is seeking a review of its effectiveness.

Outputs of this work
  • An Asset Information Strategy that supports an organisation’s goals.
  • A report on the current Asset Information Strategy compared with business objectives and performance, suggested improvements to the Asset Information Strategy or its implementation.
  • An Asset Information Strategy implementation or improvement plan  including how benefits realisation will be measured.
Data Quality Frameworks
  • An organisation may be implementing a technology solution to deliver new capabilities but is being hindered by the quality of data. 
  • An incident may highlight worrying gaps or errors in data and some level of reassurance has been requested by the executive team or the board.
  • A strategic project may be being undertaken and it is understood that having the right data of suitable quality is a key dependency for the project. Therefore a workstream of the project is to identify information requirements and implement automated data quality checks to identify any gaps in the data.
Outputs of this work
  • A data assurance report, reporting on any gaps between data requirements and the current state of data, along with recommend remedial work required
  • Guidelines, processes and role definitions for a data quality framework which provides visibility of gaps in data quality, the business impact of those gaps and facilitates the initiation of actions to remedy gaps.
  • An organisation may want to lift its understanding of asset information risks and opportunities to improve asset management outcomes.
  • This may be a first step on a journey to develop a roadmap to improved asset information.
  • An organisation may have identified a specific gap in asset information processes such as data quality or governance and require targetted training.
Outputs of this work
  • An improved understanding of asset information risks and opportunities for staff working with asset information.
  • A common understanding of foundational concepts that form the basis of a business case for improving asset information.

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